SeriouslyCinema – Our Chosen Cinema Partner

SeriouslyCinema – Our Chosen Cinema Partner

As you are aware, we install a great variety of cutting-edge technology into our clients’ homes. Aside from the home automation systems, lighting, blinds and security one of the most requested installations is a Home Cinema system.

We work so closely with our partners SeriouslyCinema that often we are considered as one single entity.

SeriouslyCinema – Seriously Good!

Our friends at SeriouslyCinema supply, install and calibrate some of the world’s finest bespoke home cinema systems. Based in St Albans in Hertfordshire they are perfectly placed to cater to our clients and we always recommend their services. In our opinion they are the best in the business and have always given top quality service, high end products – at no fuss prices.

The Home Automation industry is fast moving and staying at the forefront of the technology is a full-time job. Having trusted partners in different sectors within the industry is really important in order for us to stay ahead of the curve and make sure we can offer the latest and greatest technology to our valued clients.

That’s why we trust SeriouslyCinema to supply all of our home cinema projects. They have the expertise to bring the highest quality products to your bespoke home cinema using technologies such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro3D Surround sound, not to mention Ultra High Definition and 4K broadcasts, movies and streaming services.

They work with custom cinema suppliers in order to provide market leading implementations.  With suppliers such as Bose, Steinway Lyngdorf, Denon, Sony and Draper Screens there are solutions to get the most out of your budget. Whether it is a bespoke, dedicated cinema room or installing a cinema system in your living room we know that SeriouslyCinema delivers every time.

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