The Smart Trilogy

The Smart Trilogy

Generally things can be great by themselves, but most can be enhanced when combined with a couple of extra ingredients – ham, egg and chips; pie, mash and liquor; vodka, lime and soda and now Pro Media Solutions, Seriously Cinema and Quiet Interiors!

OK, it may not have the same ring as the others but we are delighted to announce that we will be opening a dedicated showroom with our partners Quiet Interiors and Seriously Cinema which will be accredited by Control4.

This will enable us to demonstrate and showcase cutting edge home cinema and media room solutions. We will be able to show you Control4’s award winning smart home solutions as well networking and multi-room audio and visual systems and some of the latest technologies in acoustic room treatments and soundproofing. We will demonstrate what you can achieve with a home automation system and the importance of security and infrastructure.

We will be working hard with our colleagues at Seriously Cinema and Quiet Interiors to bring this space to life and we are all very excited to see it come together.  We aim to share updates with you over the next couple of months so please like and follow us to ensure you are kept informed of the progress.

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image credit: Es sarawuth