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LILIN’s integration with home automation systems makes safety, security, and peace of mind the simplest of solutions.

LILIN – Pioneers of digital CCTV technology.

LILIN, is a global manufacturer of IP video cameras, recording devices and software with over 30 years of experience. LILIN is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and marketing of a broad range of networking surveillance solutions.

Their product range consists of an extensive number of:

  • IP cameras
  • Network Video Recorders (NVRs)
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
  • Encoders and Decoders
  • Analogue cameras
  • Analogue High Definition (AHD) cameras
  • Covert and video management software platforms

With security being a major concern surveillance and alarm systems naturally tie into the home automation scheme. Innovative integration means the term ‘smart home’ will not only translate as being high-tech but also as safe.

The control features available allow users to move cameras, zoom and select presets directly from within home automation interfaces — including TVs, mobile devices and touch-screens. From pulling a 16-camera view onto the TV for constant viewing to checking in on the kids from an iPhone during a lunch break, LILIN makes the ideal choice.