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Natural History Museum

Weybridge Home Cinema

A room designed to be transformed from a comfortable living space to a cinematic experience at the touch of a button. This stunning room features a hidden 4K Samsung projector built into the rear wall. Both the blackout blinds and discrete lighting are fully automated, making the transition of comfort to cinema seamless.

To keep the look of the room we installed a motorised retractable projector screen, this allows the decor and artwork to be shown in full when the room is not in media mode.

With four built in wall speakers and two subs, all grills were colour matched with the walls to ensure discretion whilst sacrificing no performance capabilities.

In addition to those speakers, 4 speakers are installed over head, providing the ultimate Dolby Atmos experience. The triad bronze package was the option selected for this particular room. 

Cobham Home Cinema

A home cinema system installed by a different company, a few years ago, in a then new build, had left the owners underwhelmed and dissatisfied.

We at Pro Media Solutions were approached by the owner and asked to revive and bring new life to his cinema room, with the caveat that we’d need to use the current/existing locations and cable infrastructure.

Upon inspection, we found that speakers had been placed in high ceilings and from our experience, we know that this can never produce a truly cinematic feel.

So, with limited options we had to come up with another plan, as we were still determined to bring the cinemagic to this room. Ultimately, we ran new cables discreetly around the room, pulling back the carpet and tucking under skirting boards, before putting back…this left no cables runs visible.

Standard speakers were not an option for this room, so we teamed up with monitor audio to bring in some sleek floor standing speakers and subs that could pack the punch it was missing, whilst keeping the aesthetics of the room.

Not wanting to waste the ceiling speakers, we converted them from being the main speakers to being the surround speakers and upgraded the AVR system to Dolby Atmos.

In addition to the seven overhead existing speakers, we added one centre channel, two fronts as well as two subs. We also added two floor standing speakers behind the seating. This bespoke installation features the Monitor Audio Gold range.


We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with the homeowner on this fantastic new build property to provide a fully integrated automation system. This includes an intelligent lighting system operated by on-wall keypads and in-wall touchscreens, whole house 4K video and high resolution audio, a full coverage external CCTV camera system with local recording device plus remote gate control and intercom system. We installed and integrated the client’s Dolby ATMOS cinema and a year later we were asked to return to integrate a separate media garden room with outdoor audio, lighting and a further addition to the TV video distribution system.

Two rooms with automated QMotion blinds with real-time feedback makes this a truly gorgeous, fully connected property.


At this beautiful new build in Sunbury on Thames we installed a centralised intelligent lighting system, robust Wi-Fi network throughout, full 4K video distribution and multi room high resolution audio available via in-ceiling speakers plus anoutdoor TV and sound system and single 5.1 media room.

Virginia Water

A single room art studio providing multi colour lighting and audio, operated via an on-wall touchscreen to support and enhance the client’s stunning art installations.

Thorpe, Surrey Spa & Garden

After completion of the Thorpe property (below this section), the client had simply fallen in love with his system and wasn’t quite done. With our client’s vision in mind, we were challenged now with a garden area, swimming pool, barbecue firepit area and a spa. The Spa consisted of two zones of audio, one for the steam room and sauna, completed with water and heat resistant speakers. Then the main gym area which houses a plunge pool, with two 10-inch in celling speakers, finished with a custom sub-woofer. A total of 8 lighting circuits with just one keypad and a 10-inch touchscreen, giving full control of both lighting, audio, air conditioning and intercom.

Located in the barbecue area is a stunning glass surround fireplace which we integrated to become fully Controllable from any Control4 device or smartphone. Two external TVs and an additional four outdoor garden speakers powered by the class leading Triad one amplifiers. As well as all of the integration we extended the Wi-Fi coverage to all areas of the garden.

Thorpe, Surrey

This ultra-modern property refurbishment really has it all. An exceptionally reliable network runs the show of this truly smart home. With such a huge quantity of lighting circuits, a centralised system was by far the best option from a wiring and convenience point of view, reducing the need for countless switches also known as wall acne. A Control4 an entry system at the gated entrance calls through to the array of touchscreens located around the property and calls directly to the clients phone.

All rooms in the house boast Monitor audio high definition in ceiling speakers, totalling to 18 zones of audio with the ability to play multiple different streams around the property all at one time. A Video distribution system keeps the TV rooms clutter free and with seamless control. Motorised velux windows and blinds along with a HVAC are also fully controllable via the Control4 system.

Wellington Court, Beaconsfield

A stunning range of apartments located in the heart of Beaconsfield each with a different level of automation, with potential to further increase automation capabilities. Wellington court was a project which we completed as part of our developer package, which gives buyers an insight into what can be achieved, whilst meeting the developers budget. A variety of different lights from LED strips to chandeliers means having a smart lighting system installed makes creating the perfect scene effortless. With multiroom audio consisting of top of the range Triad in celling speakers distributed audio using Control4 control system.

Newbury, Berks

Our client was looking for a bespoke cinema solution to install in his barn house.  In conjunction with  Smart Trilogy we delivered a room that left the client speechless!

A Steinway 7.4.2 speaker system, powered by a Lyngdorf processor and power amplifiers. A 4K JVC projector, fully acoustically treated room with a fibre star ceiling and fixed projector screen.  Smart lighting and full intuitive AV control is provided by Control4’s latest OS3 home automation solution.

Newbury Cinema Room

Hampstead - Smart Lighting & AV Updates

We were contacted by a homeowner whose property had a full Centralite (72 circuits) and AV infrastructure.  They were experiencing issues with both the lighting and control of the audio and video.  Unfortunately both the developer and original installer were no longer contactable so we were approached to see what we could do to help.

At an initial site visit our technicians determined the existing speakers, amplifiers plus audio and video distribution hardware could remain but recommended a new centralised Control4 and distributed WiFi infrastructure.  In addition we suggested a door entry solution consisting of the Control4 DS2 and in-wall touchscreen.  After this was successfully installed and used for a short period we were asked to return to update the lighting.

We felt a complete hardware replacement was the best option but continuing to utilise the existing cabling and lighting panels.  After completing ripping out the existing modules and testing all cables we populated the panels with Control4 centralised lighting modules and replaced the Centralite keypads with ones that can now operate both lighting and AV – all without the need for re-wiring, mess or any decoration.

The installation of a further in-wall touchscreen,  remote controls and the option for remote access and Intercom Anywhere via the annual 4Sight licence make for a simple, intuitive and immersive whole home smart  solution for our now happy customer.


An extensive Wembley property where their original home automation partner has ceased trading.  Over time this has left a family with a myriad of unfinished work and problems.

We initially spent a few days trying to understand the problems and have done a series of small visits to address the issues that could be easily rectified without too much impact on the homeowners.  We installed and implemented a doorstation which had been left unopened in its original box and  worked alongside a KNX engineer to bring lighting scenes back online and accessible via the smart home control system.

We are trying to address this project in manageable stages so not to  inconvenience the household for too long a period.  Across the 5 day working week we concentrated on the audio and rack infrastructure.  During which time we had to painstakingly locate the origins and end points of the mass of un-labelled cables, test all existing equipment to determine what needed to be replaced (including four amplifiers which had all been dangerously overloaded) before we stripped down the single skeleton unit and rebuilt it with a new local cable infrastructure into two smaller racks.  All the high resolution Triad audio equipment was positioned to allow for suitable heat dispersion and airflow and tidy rear cables.

The result – amazing high resolution distributed audio throughout this extensive property.

Virginia Water

A beautiful newly built passive Eco house near Royal Savill Gardens, completed in 2016.

High resolution audio is distributed via discrete in-ceiling speakers.  We even managed to digitise and calibrate his turntable, enabling the client’s existing vinyl collection to be available throughout the property.

A dedicated home cinema with 190″ screen and ceiling-mounted projector plus a Dolby Atmos immersive sound set up provides the ultimate home cinema experience.

Four 4MP high resolution CCTV cameras integrated with the Control4 home automation system provide real-time images on internal TV screens, the in-wall touchscreen and on mobiles and tablets via the remote app.  The addition of a NVR recorder provides the homeowner safety and security.


A beautiful and extensive home in the West Sussex countryside built by the owners approximately five years ago.  We installed a Control4 home automation system built on a whole house distributed Wi-Fi network (including full coverage to the expansive garden for outdoor entertaining).  This provides high-resolution audio through existing in-ceiling speakers plus video distribution via the existing aerial infrastructure throughout the  property.

Via a network video recorder (NVR) we integrated existing analogue cameras into the automation system to enable real-time viewing via the Control4 interface on TV screens or mobile app.

In addition, the main living room has automated lighting controlled via in-wall keypads, remote controls and the mobile app – for the ultimate in convenience and ease of use for all the family.


An extended and modernised family home.  Although the Yale smart lock and door station might give an indication, inside there is a deceptively smart home.  The Control4 home automation system has integrated automated QMotion blinds, whole house intelligent lighting and audio, alarm system and electronic velux windows.  All controlled by on-wall engraved keypads, full colour touch screens and remotely accessible via mobiles and tablets when out and about.

” I am absolutely in love with the work that ProMedia has done for us. Our new ‘smart home’ is wonderful – and the products/design/ideas that they provided are amazing and have exceeded expectations. Additionally, their customer service by all the staff has been exceptional. Responsive, courteous, friendly, patient – everything you could ask for….”

For the full review from this happy homeowner.  Please click here…

Hampton Smart Home Installation
Thornton Heath Smart Home Installation and home security systems


As part of a substantial extension and renovation project we worked with the home owners on a full home automation project.  The Control4 smart home system has a combination of seven internal and external CCTV cameras, full house audio and video distribution, DoorBird door entry system and Control4 intelligent lighting system throughout.


Pro Media Solutions is delighted to have worked with Queensgate Corporation on this amazing 5 bedroom neo-classical mansion (with staff annexe above the 3-car garage).

Pro Media provided a Control4 home automation system which included full house audio & video distribution systems with streaming music services through discrete in-ceiling speakers, a dedicated cinema room, gate intercom, garden audio, enterprise Wi-Fi and integration with air conditioning and smart Nest heating systems.  All controlled through full colour in-wall touchscreens or handheld mobile devices both within the property or remotely when out and about.

Cobham Control 4 home automation
woodham updated home automation installation


5 bed totally renovated family home. Originally we upgraded the existing installation speakers and AV components and discretely concealed them behind a 65″ curved TV but have since returned to build a false wall to house the Cabasse in-wall speakers which in addition to the directional in-ceiling speakers created a high quality 5.1 surround sound system. We have provided a centralised AV distribution system throughout the house, installed a gate intercom, touch screen control units, some automated lighting modules and an external Lilin CCTV system plus mounted high definition TVs in four rooms.


Running internal wires was not an option for this elderly client who wanted the assurances of protection from a home security system.  The latest Nest outdoor cameras connected to a fully wireless home Wi-Fi system enables the client to receive notifications of movement around the property and view the cameras remotely whenever required for 24/7 peace of mind.

Camberly Nest Outdoor Camera Home CCTV System
Thornton Heath Control 4 Home Automation Installation

Thornton Heath

Pro Media installed a small central AV rack system hidden next to the boiler. From this we implemented a distributed Sky system to all TVs in the home plus four separate audio zones.  The lounge has a Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound system via a Marantz amp and in-ceiling speakers.


We were delighted to have been referred to the homeowners by Shepperton based Architects Malcolm Jenkins Associates to initially discuss a robust home distributed Wi-Fi network for the home owners’ family members and staff who worked in the office at the property.

Due to the extensive nature of the home renovation however it grew into a substantial implementation of a Control4 home automation system integrating seven CCTV cameras, gate intercom, whole house audio and video distribution (including the garden), intelligent lighting system throughout (in excess of 70 lighting circuits) and dedicated Dolby 5.1 cinema room plus integration with five smart Nest heating zones.

With multi-point access and control through on-wall keypads, remote controls, colour touchscreens and via mobile apps – this is truly one connected home.

Cobham Smart home installation
Smart home installation and smart lighting system

London, W2

Working in partnership with Jose of Quin Tel Comms we installed a Control4 home automation system and integrated the clients’ existing HVAC, Lutron blinds and DMX lighting systems enabling single point control via remote control, touchscreen or mobile app.


A commercial installation for Lynx Golf in Weybridge which involved installing a business-grade Pakedge Wi-Fi network in their primary office and extending this to an adjacent building via an outdoor gigabit speed Unifi AirFiber link.

Weybridge Commercial Audio Visual Installation
Virginia Water Multi Room AV System

Virginia Water

Magnificent property on the Wentworth Estate.  We supplied high definition TV distribution to the family room and master bedrooms.


Beautiful listed building on the river Thames. We installed a full building smart lighting system but without room for the associated din cabinet all lighting modules were neatly terminated into a number of consumer units. In addition we provided a full home network to support a 22 camera CCTV implementation and full house audio and 4K video distribution.

Staines Upon Thames Smart Home Installation Ceiling Speaker System


From initial plans to completion we installed a robust Wi-Fi network to support both home and business internet plus a full downstairs intelligent lighting system which can be controlled by in-wall keypads or mobile tablets and smart phones.  The 4K projector and 5.1 surround sound in-ceiling speaker system also makes for an amazing family entertainment space.

Stoke Poges

New build 6 bed family home. We provided a whole house audio and video installation including 3 rooms with professional multi channel audio.

stoke poges multi room av system
smart home security system


We were contacted by a worried home owner having experienced an attempted break in. As a result we provided him a robust WiFi network, select app controlled lighting and IP cameras on the front, back and side of the property.

Feeds, notifications and interactions can be made 24/7 via mobile devices when home and away for total peace of mind. Installed within one day. (The cables shown in the picture tacked on the external wall are for the existing security light. We ensured all cables were carefully concealed for the cameras we installed.)

West Byfleet

Transforming a 3 bed former council property to an impressive 5 bed modern, innovative family home. We have provided intelligent lighting throughout, Nest controlled hot water and heating zones (under floor and traditional radiators), integrated ICRealtime CCTV cameras, whole house audio and 4K video distribution – including a 5.1 surround sound cinema room.

automated intelligent lighting system
control4 smart home


Beautiful converted barn. The family had already had some Control4 technology installed but were unhappy with their dealer and resulting implementation so approached us to help them.

Having inherited the project we have made several visits to check and have slowly made changes and enhancements in order to better demonstrate how a properly installed smart home system can make their lives easier. In doing so we have upgraded the Wi-Fi network, moved the AV rack, upgraded the CCTV camera system, installed a gate intercom system and enabled all sources (audio video, heating and CCTV) to be available from within the single interface yet accessible via in-wall touchscreens, remote controls and hand held devices.


Pro Media replaced an existing intercom system with the latest Control4  door station (DS2).  The black flush mount unit with keypad looks amazing – as though the automated gate was built around it. 

In addition to looking good, this door station has the practicality of allowing visitors direct access with designated codes (on a schedule chosen by the homeowners) and high-resolution images from the integrated camera displayed on touchscreens in the property and on mobile devices when out and about.