As a Control4 Platinum partner, Pro Media Solutions professionally install industry leading  home automation solutions in residential and business properties throughout Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and London

What does Control4 offer?

Let us start by first defining what you would get from your Control4 smart home system:

Control system

An award winning, market leading whole home control system.

This provides one completely coherent system that can be controlled wirelessly via your Smart Phone / tablet, handheld remote control, touch screens and on-wall keypads. This system is connected via a secure SSL connection to the internet and is controllable from anywhere in the world*.

All aspects of the system can be voice controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.


With the award winning Triad brand we can add high fidelity and high resolution audio into a multi-zone environment. All music streaming services including the likes of Tune-In Radio, Deezer, Spotify and Tidal (High Resolution service) are provided. In addition we can provide an Apple AirPlay facility to ALL Zones as well as groups of zones to provide many ways to interact with the system.

With Triad, we can choose from multi-zone rack mounted equipment to single local amplifiers which also have the ability to link in audio from external CD players, turntables and TVs and send this audio to any part of the home.

Ultimate flexibility, high power and high resolution audio which cannot be matched by the likes of Sonos.


In terms of Video distribution we are now in the new world of 4K UHD 4:4:4 HDR video which is 4 times greater than standard HD. We use Video Matrices that allow us to map UHD sources like SkyQ, Virgin Media, BluRay and Apple TV to multiple TVs from one location.

If you think you don’t need an elaborate Video Matrix system then we are happy to take control of Apple TVs and Amazon Fire sticks all within the same Control4 environment.

(HVAC) Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

We recommend to use a Heatmiser or NEST (owned by Google) system infrastructure to control your heating and hotwater. Control4 can then take control and link into the rest of the system.

Many AC vendors systems can also be linked into Control4 to maintain one coherent user interface.


With Control4 we offer their wired AND wireless Lighting Systems. The beauty of Control4 is the flexibility and seamless look and feel between their wired and wireless keypads for control. The wired and wireless wall keypads / switches also double up as video and audio control. Or if you prefer, the keypads can control your blinds or turn heating up and down in the room. Having one keypad to do multiple tasks remove the wall clutter and simplifies many subsystem controls.

Lighting is such an important part of your home, we provide something reliable which can handle multiple light loads and offer smooth dimming.

In addition to Control4 lighting we can also take control of RAKO, PHILIPS HUE, C-BUS and LIGHTWAVE RF lighting systems and make this all part of the same unified platform.

All lighting options can be controlled by the same Smart Phone / Tablet app, keypads, remote controls and touchscreens. Don’t forget Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice activation solutions too. We are able to create many lighting scenes so one button press can create your perfect evening setting.



Our preference is to use quality above high street brands as Security is such an important aspect of any system. Our CCTV partners of choice are IC Realtime, HikVision and Lilin. All providing minimum 4MPixel Colour images with 30 metre night-time IR Range. Add in an NVR (Network Video Recorder) and we can provide a complete back up of camera recordings for over 2 weeks.

Due to the great integration with Control4 you can view your camera feeds via your TVs, Smart Phone/Tablet apps and also see all images on one screen on your on-wall touch screens.

We can use motion detection from the cameras to invoke some actions within the Control4 system. We can automatically turn house lights on, sound a warning through the audio system or simply send a notification text or e-mail to your smart phone anywhere in the world.


Our partner of choice is the UK brand leader, Texecom. Whether you want a wired or wireless alarm system, either can be provided. Again the integration with the Control4 is seamless.

We can use motion detection from the PIRs to invoke some actions within the Control4 system. We can automatically turn house lights on, sound a warning through the Audio System or simply send a notification text or e-mail to your smart phone anywhere in the world. Maybe you would just like a light to come when one of the doors gets opened.

Entry System

We use the highly reliable brand 2N to provide gate and door entry via their multi-functional door station product. Each door station provides:

  • Gate Control Relays
  • Integrated HD CCTV camera (which can be viewed 24/7 via TVs, touchscreens and Smart Apps anywhere in the world)
  • HD Video and Audio intercom so you can clearly see who is calling
  • Motion detection on the integrated CCTV which can be linked into the core system
  • Integrated keypad for manual access through your Gate or Front Door (we can offer many gate codes that work at specific times of the week or day)

We can use motion detection from the CCTV to invoke some actions within the Control4 system. We can automatically turn house lights on, sound a warning through the Audio System or simply send a notification text or e-mail to your smart phone anywhere in the world.

Window Blinds

We offer automated Window Blinds from Somfy, Lutron and QMotion.

QMotion offer fantastic Wireless Window blinds that integrate into Control4 natively.

Networking and WiFi

For everything to work reliably and flawlessly we will install a high performance wired and wireless network infrastructure. The wireless systems we install will provide a whole house solution so you can roam freely and effortlessly around the house without having to log on to different Wireless access points (WAPs).

This is the most critical part of the whole system and needs to be robust enough to be able to deal with the high level of traffic. We will swap your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) router for our preferred multi media brands.


Imagine having your entire home system controllable via one single Smart App, whether at home or abroad. You reach for the Control4 remote control and not only can you control all of your video sources, you can select music playlists, turn lights on or even open your front gate or door. Maybe you prefer to use the lighting control leypads or you love the look of the stylish wall mounted glass edge touchscreen to answer the front gate, switch off the TV and search through your Spotify Playlists before starting the party in all downstairs music zones.

Experience the power of Control4 and what it has to offer. Enjoy your smart home how it is meant to be not relying on multiple apps to control each subsystem and getting confused where to look for each element. There are many high street control systems available and we have tried many of them but nothing offers the complete integration and high reliability we have seen from Control4.

This is why the top manufacturers such as SONY, SONOS, DENON, PHILIPS HUE, PIONEER, MARANTZ, SAMSUNG, NEST and QMOTION – to name but a few – have made their products Control4 compatible.

You want quality and reliability from a system that brings all the elements of your home under one intuitive control environment – choose Control4!


Control4 Customer Support

[* requires an annual 4Sight licence]

  • Thank you very much to the guys for last Friday, they were great, even with a French Bulldog trying to sit on them.

    Lisa, Ashford (Surrey)
  • I just wanted to say thanks to all of you at Pro Media (please also pass on to the guys). We love the setup in the house, and the service has been very positive. I know there's been a lot of back and forth & that I've been a demanding customer at times - so I appreciate the patience and flexibility. I will most definitely be recommending you to others and constantly rave about you guys when people visit and check out the tech! I'd be more than happy to show any prospective clients of yours around the house if they need convincing to sign up with Pro Media.

    Sej, Hampton
  • The install went really well. We were highly impressed... From the moment they arrived to when they left they were the epitome of professionalism and were at pains to ask the questions necessary to ensure that the resultant system met with our needs and expectations. Their work ethic was superb, working in a very organised manner and made sure that they left our house each day in a tidy state. Also, they were very mindful of the risks due to Covid and asked if we wanted the room in which they worked to be sprayed at the end of each day.
    We could not be happier with the experience so far. Everyone that I have had contact with, has been a  great ambassador for the company.

    When I contacted you originally, I was looking for a company that would communicate throughout the process and rebuild the confidence we had lost in our AV system due to experience of the previous supplier. I delighted to say that this has been achieved and I have recommended you to son and will do so to other people without hesitation.

    Andy, Reading

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