It takes quite a spotlight to outshine our automated lighting specialist Lutron. They’re the biggest name when it comes to the smart home world and we just have to shout about their technology and some of the wonderful products they produce for our clients.

So, why are they the best and what makes their intelligent lighting so different from all the others? In this edition of Supplier Spotlight we’re going to talk about why you always hear about Lutron and why, at Pro Media Solutions we use Lutron as our smart lighting ‘go to’ system.


The smart home industry is extremely fast-moving, with new products and innovations making your investment almost obsolete before it’s been installed. Technology as an industry is the same – just look at mobile phones, just as you’ve parted with your hard-earned cash for the newest phone on the market an even newer model is announced.

Manufacturers are always researching and developing the next best thing and in the world of home automation and smart technology this is common place. Okay, maybe not as quickly as the mobile device industry, but time tells a tale. Lutron has been in the lighting technology game since the 1960s and they have had nearly 60 researching, developing and tweaking their technology. It is no coincidence therefore, that their lighting systems work fluidly and seamlessly across all infrastructures and complimentary systems to make them clear leaders in the marketplace.


Lutron’s catalogues of products dwarf that of their nearest competitors, offering more than 15,000 items. Much of this number is due to the extensive range of keypad options. This is a major reason we use Lutron as our smart lighting supplier.

Keypads are an integral part of any and all smart home systems. After all, the keypad is what the end user is going to see and operate on a daily basis. There are so many options to suit all requirements, with many button layouts and finishes to choose from and they’re even customisable with icons and engraving. In fact, the brilliant lighting aside, their keypad options might end up being the sole reason you decide on Lutron.


Technology is always going to move forward, but with their years of tweaking and tinkering behind them, Lutron have really nailed their system and future-proofed it as best they can. This makes them a pretty safe bet when choosing which system to go with and, if you ask us, once installed correctly will give you a reliable system which will last you many years. We’re not sure their competitors could claim the same.

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Image credit: Lutron