Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Recently, we had the great pleasure and honour to work and install world-class technology at The Natural History Museum in London. 

Main Conference room

Pro Media was tasked with bringing the Natural History Museum’s main conference room up to date with a system capable of hosting seamless remote and in-house meetings and presentations.

Due to the rooms size and layout, a Logitech rally system was the best option. A central hub located underneath the main table meant that cabling on display was minimised. 

The room hosts up to 50 people so microphone coverage of the entire space was crucial. To ensure all voices could be heard, three high resolution noise cancelling microphones were placed at advantageous points along the table with cable management all done below the surface.

A wall mounted 85 inch 4k display gives all users of the room a clear view of the remote presenter or meeting content. We also provided a number of cable points for connection of additional devices to the display for quick and easy collaboration.

Beneath the TV is a studio quality video, motorised PTZ and auto framing camera, giving a quality image to those remotely connecting to meetings.

Two high quality speakers at mid height near the display projects sound flawlessly across the room, providing rich sound to all meeting attendees.

Classroom smart board

The Natural History Museum had two classrooms in need of teaching technology upgradeswhich weachieved via thestate-of-the-art Smart board MX series.

Previously a projector was mounted on the wall on one side of the classroom and a white board on the other. To combine both the elements we installed two smart boards either side in one room.The screens can be operated easily with quick and simple device connection.

Hidden cabling direct to the teaching desk provides the option to mirror the displays or use them individually. The interactive boards can be used as a normal white board ormonitor. As well as being a display, these boards can control the connected computer enabling presentations to be done directly via the board itself. The boards have a high-definition touch display, a built-in android computer negating the need for separate PCs if required and are fully Windows and Mac compatible.

Screens also boast a 4kHD resolution and great built in speakers ideal for the size of many teaching rooms.

Replacing the dated white boards with the interactive screens both modernised the aesthetics of the room as well as it’s features. These boards are ideal for any classroom teaching set ups.

The client was so impressed with the solutions Pro Media offered that they are now looking to potentially extend into their Tring museum location.