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Commercial AV, teleconferencing, lighting, shading and security

Providing offices, conference centres, education establishments and hotels with state of the art networking, audio visual, smart lighting, intelligent shading solutions, acoustic room treatments and security installations that are cost effective and professionally installed.

Residential audio visual experts - Pro Media Solutions


Home automation, audio visual, CCTV & comfort based installations

Providing the luxury lifestyle you’re looking for with a Control4 home automation system. Integrating intelligent lighting, home security, heating, HVAC and automated window dressings plus distributing high resolution video and audio to every corner of your house.

  • Adam is a very good chap and knowledgeable, thank you for arranging his visit as it does appear to have fixed/optimised the setup.

    Mike, Caversham
  • I just wanted to say thanks to all of you at Pro Media (please also pass on to the guys). We love the setup in the house, and the service has been very positive. I know there's been a lot of back and forth & that I've been a demanding customer at times - so I appreciate the patience and flexibility. I will most definitely be recommending you to others and constantly rave about you guys when people visit and check out the tech! I'd be more than happy to show any prospective clients of yours around the house if they need convincing to sign up with Pro Media.

    Sej, Hampton
  • I just had to tell you about what's just happened now - which is why I love having a smart home!...My small Dyson vacuum was due to be picked up today by a courier for a service repair. No-one is at home today, but I was expecting DPD to pick it up this morning - and I got the usual 1-hour notification window by text earlier. I was in a meeting at work when my phone alerted me that the doorbell had just rung. I spoke to the courier via the DoorStation intercom, and then opened the garage remotely and told him that the Dyson was just in front of him. He collected it, waved it in front of the camera so I could see, packaged it up, and went on his way. I then closed the garage door remotely. My work colleagues were so impressed!

    Sej, Hampton