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Featured on the Gadget Show, this industry leading company makes life easier with fully automated shades available in a fantastic range of fabrics and styles.

Installing QMotion wireless shading systems all over Surrey & Hampshire.

The industry leaders in wireless shading systems, QMotion integrates into almost all the recognised branded third party drivers, including the Control4 smart home environment.

QMotion Shades

Whereas traditional motorised window coverings require a qualified electrician to install 240v power wiring for the blind motor, the QMotion UK solution requires no wiring. QMotion is battery powered and can be remote controlled. Based on four operations per day, the readily available Alkaline D cell batteries last 5 years and are simple to replace.

Unlike conventional motorised shades, QMotion technology allows for near-silent operation. With unique inbuilt technology, the QMotion shade also provides a dual control feature that allows the user to operate the shade manually. Control options include a timer remote function that allows the user up to six events per day that move the shades automatically.

When you are away from your home the shades will continue to operate, providing glare and heat gain control whilst at the same time offering a level of privacy and security.

By adding a suitable fabric the QMotion motorised shading system can also be used for projection screens without the need for any power or control wiring.


QMotion UK offers a huge range of colours, patterns and fabrics which can be easily removed for cleaning, maintaining and sanitising or replacement.

Through the proper selection of solar shade fabrics, natural light can be moderated, providing a more healthy lighting experience and a wide assortment of Greenguard and Antimicrobial fabrics are available.

Honeycomb shades can be provided in more than 80 designer fabrics and style options with nine colour co-ordinated headrail covers and bottom rails. They are nearly silent and two to three times as efficient as other systems. Honeycomb shades can reduce overall energy costs by keeping rooms cool in summer and warm in winter.

QMotion are also able to offer custom printed fabrics which are an ideal solution for showing off that great holiday photo in the home or for promoting/displaying an important image in a commercial environment.

Automised Curtain Poles

QMotion’s award winning, motorized drapery rod (curtain poles) collection is the latest innovation in automated window treatments. The first and only track-less motorized drapery rod on the market.

No external motors and wires, a battery operated motor inside the hardware itself and Touch Wand Activation. The Touch Wand activation feature provides the convenience of manual and remote control. This collection offers six beautifully crafted options and popular finishes.