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Russound Integrated Home Audio

Would you like a high tech wireless music streamer that is both cutting edge and works with your existing equipment? Now you can with the fantastic Russound X5 Xtreme. No need to stick with only Sonos.

Russound – At last a music system that surpasses even the most hard to please audiophile, now available in Surrey

The leader in whole-house distributed audio systems and components, Russound has increasingly became known for award winning quality, reliability and service. They design and manufacture innovative products that sound great, are easy to install, simple to use and offer great value. Pro Media Solutions is delighted to be a Russound Certified Installer for their complete range of multiroom audio systems, source equipment, volume controls, amplifiers, speakers and intercom systems.

Multizone Audio Systems

Russound offer four ranges of multi zone controllers depending on the size of the project and budget.

Advanced – The MCA Series
The Russound MCA-66 digital multi-zone controller amplifier provides up to six zones of distributed audio, for up to 6 audio sources, scalable to 36 zones. (Spec sheet for MCA-66). Download the brochure here.

The evolutionary MCA-88X, an 8-source, 8-zone controller, features built-in XStream™ technology, enabling popular streaming content from the cloud, home network, tablets and phones—all from a single component. Download the brochure here

Intermediate – The CA & A-BUS Series
Music anywhere you want it, at the touch of a button. The Russound intermediate multi-zone solutions contain features more customisation options than our simpler systems.

CAA66 – 6-source/ 6-zone Controller

CA4 – 4-source/ 4-zone Controller

A-C68 – 6-source/8-zone Controller

Simple – The A-BUS Series


Russound Amplifiers

Audio amplifiers are the muscle behind every home music system. Russound designed their amplifiers to meet the demands of multi-room audio systems: seamless integration, bulletproof reliability and astonishing fidelity. Built to complement an extensive array of audio systems, these versatile products deliver outstanding performance under the most demanding conditions:

– Pro Multi-Channel D850 and D1650 – High efficiency, cool running digital amplification.

– Integrated Two-Channel P Series – delivering exceptional sound quality, recognized reliability and the flexibility to power indoor or outdoor loudspeaker systems on a reasonable budget. Download the brochure


Russound Speakers

Indoor Speakers:
The Acclaim Edgeless speakers combine premium acoustic materials, with the most advanced drivers to deliver exceptional performance in every application. From background music to spectacular surround sound, Acclaim Edgeless speakers offer the finest sound around. Available in both wide dispersion and directional ranges.

Outdoor Speakers:
Russound’s OutBack Rock Speakers are perfect for patios, pools, porches, decks, and gardens. Carefully designed to resemble natural rock, OutBack Rock Speakers blend into your lawn or garden surroundings. Available in granite, weathered granite, or sandstone, each speaker’s durable waterproof enclosure is environmentally tested and optimized for superior outdoor audio performance.

The music lover’s intercom, Compoint is a complete intercom solution that integrates with virtually any multiroom home audio system. An intercom system, providing point-to-point (zone-to-zone) communications as well as global paging from any keypad.
You can enjoy the benefits of multiroom audio and the convenience of intercom communications by taking advantage of in-wall
or in-ceiling speakers. ComPoint also offers selectable doorbell chimes, Do Not Disturb and Listen mode features.
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