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Bringing the utmost convenience of home automation to your fingertips.

Somfy automated window blinds, curtains, garage doors and pergolas.

Somfy is the world leader in the automatic control of openings and closures in homes and buildings. Somfy offer a 5 year guarantee from manufacture date on their motors and
automatic systems (3 years for gates) and provide options to upgrade existing gates, garage doors, awnings and shutters to automated/motorised versions, all at affordable prices.

Somfy’s wireless technology makes it easier to manage your home, providing improved comfort and security. Clever motorised products can also communicate with each other wirelessly, using built-in radio technology.

This means that all your equipment can be centralised and controlled together by a single remote control or within your home automation solution.

Blinds and Curtains

Electric Blinds
Available in Roller, Venetian and Roman in a large range of colours and fabrics. They are smooth, silent blinds are 100% wireless, powered by either solar or battery power (for 1-5 years depending on use).

Motorised Curtains
Available in simple pleat, knitted or unknitted Dutch pleat and rippled designs each with a sturdy, silent motor and an adjustable speed with the Glydea range. These are operated by remote control or the ‘touch motion’ function where you simply touch the curtain and the motor takes over.

External Application

Available in full cassette, semi cassette and folding arm ranges with gentle operation make for a longer lifetime. These can be
linked with wind and/or sun sensors to open and close automatically to provide protection for itself, your home and family.

External Venetian Blinds
Available curved, wide or narrow from aluminium or wood these blinds can moderate light and eliminate glare and reflection protecting your home’s interior from UV damage. The most compact motors on the market will manage the opening/closing as
well as the perfect slat orientation. These can be linked to an external sun sensor to automatically close when high levels of
sunlight are detected or programmed for when you are away.

External Screens
For bay windows, bi-fold or patio doors both rail and cable systems are available.

Winding or folding canvas or adjustable slat covers for pergolas offer weather protection and can extend your living area safely to the outside throughout the year.

Access and Security

Automatic Garage Doors
The amount of clearance available both within and outside the garage will impact on your choice but there are ceiling, tilt,
roller and swing opening options available. Chain or belt mounted rail motors operate quietly and attach to the roof of the garage or for
roller doors there is the Axial tube motor. Partial opening for people and bikes, automatic obstacle detection, timing and
battery back up (in case of a power cut) options plus keyfob, keypad and remote control operation ensure security and flexibility.

Motorised Gates
Inward or outward Swing motors can be installed as either new or to existing gates. Modern Sliding gates are also available. Automated obstacle detection and closure plus the added security of the detection of outside force making access tothe property almost impossible are standard as is battery back up. Solar power is also available if you don’t want to wire into the house’s electrics.

Roller shutters
Providing heat and security these are available as adjustable slats and projection that are tamper, UV and frost resistant.