The Smartest products for the smartest homes.

The Smartest products for the smartest homes.

As part of our work to bring the best products to our clients we are always researching and testing the latest products on the market. We have a stable of preferred suppliers that we know and trust but we also understand that our clients have a certain amount of brand loyalty.

We also understand that often our clients don’t know where to start when it comes to brands and products. Fear not, we’re here to recommend the best products (in our opinion) to help you to achieve your fully integrated home – we can even make sure to incorporate brands and products of your particular choosing.

You can leave the ‘shopping around’ to us, the chances are, we have already done it, fitted the product, and have experience of supporting households using it. Naturally, we have preferred suppliers whom we believe produce the best quality, most customisable products. We are partnered with a number of carefully selected market leading manufacturers and suppliers to enable us to provide and support a fully integrated smart house solution.

Our partnerships include:

  • Automated blinds and window dressings from QMotion and Somfy.
  • If you’re looking to hide your AV equipment look no further:
    • Televisions – We can hide your TV or AV hardware behind a decorative feature with Future Automation, disguise it as a mirror/picture with Frame Your TV or install it in your bathroom with Aquavision.
    • If you want the highest quality sound without drawing attention to audio equipment we can help. You might want invisible, plaster-over speakers with Amina, or even integrate your speakers into the décor of your room with Artcoustic.
  • Integrated or standalone CCTV system installations from HikVision, ICRealtime and Lilin
  • Integrated burglar alarms, electronic locks, garage doors, gates, intercoms and Doorbird
  • Media servers enabling your entire movie and music collection to be available at a touch of a button from the amazing Outclass

Of course we don’t just restrict ourselves to just home automation projects.  We are Nest Pro and Russound Certified Installers and can also carry out standalone projects including whole house CCTV systems and high quality home cinema 5.1/5.2, 7.1/7/.2 surround sound and Atmos array installations, either directly or with our high end luxury brand partner SeriouslyCinema.

If you would like to stay up to date on the latest in home technology, automation and smart home integration you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you would like some advice on making your home smart, why not drop us a call on 0345 505 1760 or email us with your questions.

Photo credit – Chesky