It’s what everyone talks about, this name comes up everywhere in the industry, so we visited the UK HQ of Artcoustic to get the low down on what all the fuss is about.

With a minimalistic design, these speakers look great. Small in size (depending on the series), small depth and rather quite pretty, plus the whole unit can be colour matched or designed to look like artwork on the wall.

But don’t let that fool you in terms of performance, these speakers kick! With the line-array approach on the speakers (what’s used at concerts to hit high volume levels) these speakers are clear, punchy, tight and loud (if you choose them to be).

The smaller drivers mean the speaker requires less amplification to drive to reference levels, meaning the back end cinema equipment ends up costing less and everything in the rack ends up running a lot cooler. Whether it’s a 2-channel hi-fi system, multi-room audio, media or cinema rooms, Artcoustic has a great range of speakers to match any install.