Experience the Future of Golf with Pro Media Solutions

At Pro Media Solutions, we bring the cutting edge of golf technology directly to you. Whether you’re a passionate golfer, a professional player, or a business looking to offer top-tier golf experiences, our advanced simulation systems and launch monitors provide unparalleled accuracy and realism.

We install state-of-the-art Launch Monitors – including the GCQuad, GCHawk, and GC3. These deliver precise data on ball and club performance, making them the choice of professionals worldwide. Combine these with an immersive Golf Simulator, such as the all-in-one Sim-in-a-Box or our bespoke Custom Simulators, and transform any space into a world-class golf environment.

With innovative Software Solutions like FSX 2020 and FSX Pro, you can play realistic courses, practice on detailed ranges, and analyse every aspect of your game. Our Custom Installation services ensure your simulator setup is perfectly tailored to your needs, whether at home, in a commercial setting, or on the go with our Mobile Solutions.

We provide comprehensive Training and Support to help you get the most out of your equipment, including technical assistance, user training, and regular maintenance services. Enhance your setup with high-quality Accessories, from hitting mats to projectors, screens, and enclosures.

Discover more and elevate your game today!  Contact us on 0345 505 1760 or click this link for more ways to get in touch.