Control4 – your Smart Home must-have Control System

Control 4 home automation

Control4 – your Smart Home must-have Control System

As part of our continuing work to ensure we offer our clients the best products on the market, we have undertaken extensive research – investigating and road-testing many of the leading smart home control systems. In the end the clear winner was Control4. Having chosen them as our preferred system, we now install Control4 home control systems for our clients to cater for all of their automated home requirements in one, intuitive control centre. Control4 is one of the market leaders and it’s not hard to find reviews detailing why they are so well respected. We found a great article on Appcessories – ‘Best Home Automation UK 2016 – A Detailed Comparison” which looks at some of the leading products for home automation. You can read the full article here.

Control4 home automation UK is regularly rated the most intuitive and user-friendly control system by home automation user reviews. While the company itself is relatively young when compared to some of the big-hitters in the market – Control4 has still been trading for over a decade. They are by no means the underdog in this sector, with considerable knowledge and experience in home automation and products that tick all the boxes when it comes to proprietary home automation technology.

Fully Compatible

Control4 supports connectivity with Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee, WI-FI and KNX appliances. Users can also use Z-Wave and ZigBee to interface with computer applications like Windows Media Player (Windows OS), and iTunes (Mac OSX and IOS). You can even expand the system using a number of compatible hardware products like the Nest Learning Thermostat.


If you want to take your home automation on the road you can subscribe to the Control4 monthly 4Sight programme. Control your home from the palm of your hand wherever you are by accessing your control system remotely from your mobile device – just make sure you have an internet connection or 3/4G.


Of course you need to engage a certified installer to install Control4 home automation UK system at your home. This means that you can have all technical, system components and networking tasks set up for you by an expert, therefore covering all your requirements. If you are interested in Control4 systems installation, you’re in the right place – get in touch for a chat.

Using our installation teams means that once your system is in place you can call on us for support and customisation. We will also keep you up to date on the latest firmware and driver updates plus support new compatible devices and plug-ins for when you want to expand your home automation system in future.

Everyone has their favourite brands and so we always take this into considerations when recommending products and equipment – this allows you to keep purchasing the hardware (and toys) that you love. As one of the market leaders, Control4 has formed a number of strategic partnerships with top brands enabling a vast number of products to work within the Control4 environment. Control4 continue to grow their database of compatible brands on an almost daily basis to such an extent that manufacturers such as Sony and QMotion are choosing to develop drivers and off the shelf compatibility for use with Control4 systems.

Feature image courtesy of Control4.