Intelligent Lighting – How it can change your property pt.2 Installation

key pad for smart lighting system

Intelligent Lighting – How it can change your property pt.2 Installation

In our last blog we gave you the low-down on smart lighting. Today we look at installing intelligent lighting into your existing property. At Pro Media we have multiple solutions to this scenario depending on budget and how your existing lighting is wired.

Retro Fit

Not all intelligent lighting needs to have a centralised lighting panel. We could replace a standard lighting switch or dimmer with an intelligent keypad. This means that potentially any home with a lighting circuit can be updated, with little or no mess and no need for redecoration – it couldn’t be easier!

Whether you have a completed property, are looking to modify/extend or even build from scratch, we’ve got a solution for you.

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Intelligent Bulbs:

The technology is moving so fast – in the last couple of years Philips have developed Hue Bulbs. These are independent, talk wirelessly, have a full colour spectrum and can replace any standard bulb.

This is a huge step in retro fitting, it involves no mess or remodelling, just swap out your old bulb, add a Hue bridge receiver and you’re in business! Each bulb can be programmed individually providing you with endless possibilities throughout your home, with fully customisable colours and dimming levels. Although the system can stand alone, we can also install and integrate Philips Hue as part of your Control4 smart home system.


Replacing conventional light switches with intelligent on-wall keypads (centrally wired or retro-fit) helps the homeowner to optimise their lighting options and can also enhance the décor of the room – minimising ‘wall acne’ such as banks of traditional dimmers and switches.

Keypads not only control lighting but can potentially launch preloaded scenarios. For example, if you have a home theatre or a TV viewing room, a customised “Movie” button could be created. With one touch it could activate a specific lighting scene, turn on the TV/projector and amp to your chosen source (i.e. Blu-Ray, Satellite/Cable or Movie server), bring down the blinds and even set the room to a chosen temperature.

The keypads are light and motion reactive, so you’ll never lose sight of them in the dark. With sleek custom finishes, engravings, a range of led colours and button sizes – offering up to 6 buttons per keypad, these are completely customisable for each room.

Lighting Scenes and Scheduler:

Being able to control multiple lighting has many benefits – creating lighting scenes being one of them. Scenes can set the right mood and tone and can completely change the look of a room. You can have multiple circuits all at different light levels such as a ‘cooking’ scene with light levels bright over worktops and kitchen areas and a ‘dining’ scene with dimmed lights over table pendent/spots, providing a romantic setting.

These can be as unique as you are and we’ll work closely with you to design lighting scenes to meet your personal needs.

Any load integrated into Control4 can be put into a schedule which can really help optimise the intelligence of your lighting. We can program any specific loads to come on or off at sunrise/sunset any day of the week or individual times of certain days. Our system works on a geographical clock so it knows the precise moment the sun will rise/set each day, so you’ll never be left in the dark in the winter or have the cost of lights coming on un-necessarily on a bright summer’s evening.


Whether you are away for months at a time or just a short weekend break, hitting a single button can initiate an away mode programme we call “Mockupency”.  This can learn your habits and initiate turning lights on and off throughout the property proving an extremely useful deterrent against intruders. In addition, any automated blinds/shades incorporated into the smart home system can open and close within this programming.  Along with your CCTV and alarm system you can be safe in the knowledge your home is protected when you are away.

Whether you are interested in discovering how smart lighting can help you in a single room or your entire property, Pro Media can help implement a lighting system that works for you and your family.  Want to know more, give us a call on 0345 505 1760, email us or contact us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.