Smart Homes – just for the wealthy?

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Smart Homes – just for the wealthy?

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Smart Home’ increasingly used in every day conversation along with terms such as connected home, remote control home and the original automated home. These terms are often used interchangeably when referring to houses that are run by electrical systems controlled remotely by the homeowner in order to save time and energy – making things just a bit more convenient for the inhabitants of the house. A common misconception is that home automation is only for the super-rich with large properties or the super tekkie among us. The reality is that smart homes can be for everyone!

Nowadays, there is a huge range of products on the market for the DIY enthusiast. Over the last decade we have seen a huge influx of technology influencing our everyday lives; from smartphones and tablets to wearable technology and home appliances.  We use technology – in one way or another – every day. Powerful, complex gadgets with are common place on the High Street –  in fact, smartphones carry significantly more computing power than the Apollo space missions.

It looks like this surge in development is showing no sign of slowing either, with manufacturers like Samsung and Apple competing aggressively to fill the technological niche. As people become more technically savvy we see more technology being brought into the home to help run the household – from ordering milk when running low to remote operated lighting and thermostat control.

Some of our favourite products include:

  • The third generation learning thermostat, smart fire and Co2 alarms and cameras from Nest (by Google).
  • Automated lighting and power such as Philips Hue and Belkin’s WeMo
  • Remote access door hardware like the August smart locks and Ring
  • Amazon Echo and Google Home are both competing for the dominated Sonos wireless speaker market but with added smart home functionality – both having recently launched to the UK market have some interesting reports, reviews and comparisons.

If it’s electronic and needs human interaction to work correctly it is extremely likely there’ll be an app for it. From lights, kitchen appliances and music players to cars and heating. In fact, back in 2015, the Daily Mail suggested that within two years 9 in 10 UK households will have their homes, or major elements of them, controlled via Wi-Fi.  With that in mind, it is wise to think about consolidation – although the saying ‘there is an app for that’ may often prove true, having to find and open them individually, especially when on the go, can prove time consuming and minimise their usefulness.  Having a single control system with multi-point integration and intuitive ‘go to’ app, without having to compromise on your choice of electronics brands, really can help you realise the time saving elements of your smart home.

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