Smarthome – Smartlife

Smarthome – Smartlife

Why do I need a smart home system? This is a question we get asked all the time. The fact is that it is down to the individual and their lifestyle. Each system is unique in its usage. The Control4 system is so customisable that often, no two people use it in the same way.

We always explain to customers that they may not NEED a SmartHome system, but once they have one they won’t remember life without it.

As the leading installers of smarthome systems in Surrey and Buckinghamshire we often use scenarios like “imagine you’re out and need to accept a delivery” or “if the worst happens and someone tries to burgle you…” when we are explaining how useful a fully integrated SmartHome system can be.

However, this week we received a great email from one of our clients, showcasing one of the more simple of benefits.

One of our Control4 customers who recently had a fully integrated SmartHome system installed wrote to us to tell us about his vacuum cleaner ordeal.

My small [well-known brand] vacuum was due to be picked up today by a courier for a service repair. No one was at home today, but I was expecting the courier to pick it up this morning – and I got the usual 1-hour notification window by text earlier.

I was in a meeting at work when my phone alerted me that the doorbell had just rung. I spoke to the courier via the DoorStation intercom, and then opened the garage remotely and told him that the vacuum was just in front of him. He collected it, waved it in front of the camera so I could see, packaged it up and went on his way. I then closed the garage door remotely.

My colleagues were so impressed!

How many of us can relate to this? Whether it’s missing a delivery or having to rush home from the office to make sure a faulty item is picked up, it’s inconvenient.


It doesn’t have to be a whole-house system. You can smarten up your life by adding just a few components to your home – a camera doorbell can help you to monitor who is approaching your door at any given time and communicate with them through an intercom, should you wish.

A simple AV system can ensure you can view high quality content around your home without being tied to where your main TV box is. You can even improve the quality and speed of your internet by having a proper infrastructure installed – then the world really is your oyster.

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