Supplier Spotlight: Triad Speakers

Supplier Spotlight: Triad Speakers

As you are all very aware we only install, what we believe to be the finest products on the market. So whether it’s a central control system from Control4 or the latest in lighting design from the likes of Lutron or Philips Hue – you know that when you engage us to install home automation systems, you can rest assured it’s of the highest quality.

One area in which we pride ourselves is Audio/Visual. In this edition of Supplier Spotlight we’re going to look at one of our Audio system suppliers Triad Speakers.

Triad Speakers are a US-based company trading out of Portland, Oregon. They are famous for making handcrafted, custom speakers for a selection of A/V dealers. Nearly all Triad Speaker are designed and built in their factory in Oregon so your order hasn’t been in a warehouse – it is freshly made.

Not only do we believe that this level of service is attractive but the quality of the build and the sound is exquisite. The speaker boxes are built from MDF because of its damping qualities; this in turn provides the cleanest of sounds. The materials are highly customisable with a vast range of finishes and shapes so your décor won’t be marred by obtrusive sound boxes. Triad even design and build in-wall and in-ceiling options so your speakers can be heard but not seen (see pictures below).

That’s just the enclosures – the innards of Triad Speakers are just as impressive! They use the highest quality drivers and components to not only bring the best performance but excellent value. In fact many of their drivers are used by other high-end, European speaker manufacturers.

Triad Speakers are so confident in their product that they offer a 10-year limited warranty on their speakers and provide us, as installers, excellent support on the rare occasion it is needed.

We have used Triad Speakers including their Amina invisible speakers in a number of our projects and our clients have always been impressed with every aspect – from the look (or more appropriately the fact there is no look) to the surprisingly exceptional sound quality.

Triad have a long history of producing fine loudspeakers and includes an outdoor range with an impressively powerful, submerged sub-woofer.  This delivers amazing quality base whilst not detracting visually from any garden’s beautifully manicured topiary. We have a long and happy relationship with Triad and regularly recommend them for our projects.

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