The best Christmas Gadgets for 2019

The best Christmas Gadgets for 2019

It’s getting quite close to Christmas now, and some of us may be slightly behind with their Christmas shopping. Fear not! We have compiled a list of the best gadgets for you and your tekkie loved ones this Christmas.

Some of the items on this list might require installation or a wider system in which to integrate, so if you are thinking of making your home smarter make sure you get in touch with us via email us or call us on 0345 505 1760.

Amazon Echo

This trusty old consumer favourite is still one of the holiday seasons’ top sellers and with recent deals on its baby sister the “echo dot” it’s sure to stay. The Amazon Echo gives the SmartHome novice a little insight into what could be achieved with a full Control4 system.

Universal Controller

If you have a SmartHome system installed and are looking for the most stylish and up to date universal remote on the market, then look no further than the Neeo for Control4. This is the pinnacle of handheld remote control – with Swedish design and a combination of touch screen and tactile buttons, this is a winner for any Control4 user.

Smart Light Bulbs

Increasing in popularity and decreasing in price, smart light bulbs are another way to get a little taste of what could be achieved in a wider system. They are a great way to start in the smart home world and you can set them up to produce different themes at the tap of an app – instant mood lighting!

Smart Doorbell

Are you worried about security? Are you worried about missing deliveries and having to wait in line at a depot? A smart door bell system can give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your home, and is often the gateway for a more comprehensive home security system. There are a number on the market, make sure you do your research to find the best one for your budget.

Smart Thermostat

This range of consumer goods can be a really good investment. No more heating an empty house. Away on holiday? Pop it into holiday mode and it’ll keep your heating ticking along until resuming the standard programme upon your return. They can save you money in the long run by helping you better manage when your heating and hot water come on.

Home Cinema Projector

Not ready for a full scale cinema room? You can dip your toe in the water by picking up one of the many reasonably priced home projectors on the market. Remember though, 50% of a great movie experience is the sound, so make sure you couple the projector with a decent soundbar or 5.1 system.

USB Outlets

Ok, so these aren’t the most glamorous of gift but they sure are useful. Think of all the gadgets you have charging via USB at any one time, they take up valuable wall socket real estate. Having integrated USB sockets means no more clunky plugs and you can charge more of your favourite gadgets.

Robot Vacuum

Are you sick of vacuuming up after the dog? Fed up of having food crumbs stuck to your socks from the kids’ dinner? You need a Robot Vacuum. This little guy will scoot around your house picking up unwanted crumbs and mess and it’ll even head back to its charger when the battery is low.

While all of these gadgets are fantastic and make wonderful gifts at Christmas, the best way to make your home smarter is to install a full Control4 system. Making life more convenient, you can control you entire home from a wall mounted touch screen, your mobile phone, voice command or a handheld universal remote.

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