The Voice Controlled Smart Home – The Future is Here!

smart home installation with amazon

The Voice Controlled Smart Home – The Future is Here!

Amazing and exciting news was announced by Control4 yesterday in the US at CEDIA 2016…Control4’s OS 2.9 now has full integration with Amazon’s Echo unit with Alexa voice service to enable full home voice activation.

No longer is it something only seen in Sci-Fi books and films such as ‘Back To The Future’ – it is here and now…Click here >> for the full press release.

Imagine being able to control your lights, heating and hot water, door locks, alarm, blinds, TV, radio and all elements of your smart home by just asking Alexa.

Not just for the ‘techies’ but potentially the means to help empower and support those less mobile or physically able in their own homes.  There really is no limit to the possibilities of what the automated home can do.

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[note: Echo is already available in the US.  It is set for release in the UK on 28th September and available now for pre-order.]