Thief arrested thanks to a Pro Media CCTV Installation

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Thief arrested thanks to a Pro Media CCTV Installation

A neighbour opposite our client was burgled in broad daylight last week!

The culprit briefly used our customer’s driveway to turn around in before driving quickly away. The police approached everyone in the neighbourhood for help.  As Pro Media had discreetly installed a series of small white IP dome cameras, one of which was beneath the sofit at the front of the property,  using their DVR (Digital Video Recorder) we were able to assist them in obtaining the footage from 1.45pm that day.   However brief, this clearly captured the number plate of the car.  Being able to extract this information to a USB storage device the Police were able to track down the car and make an arrest.  The Police commented on the high quality of the image and how this would form an important part of their case against the accused.

Five IC Realtime dome cameras connected to a Breeze HD recorder (with 2TB storage) provided both invaluable footage for the neighbours as well as ongoing security and peace of mind for our customers.  All professionally installed by Pro Media Solutions.

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